Student Council and City Harvest

Student Council would like to thank the P.S. 135Q, The Bellaire School, community for donating 600 pounds of canned & non-perishable food to City Harvest! The Bellaire School truly lives up to being “The School that Cares!”



Preparing Children for College

Students interact and discuss the benefits of college.  We are learning some new vocabulary words, such as benefit, mature, responsible and dormitory.  We brainstormed a list of reasons why we should go to college and the benefits.
A discussion game that incorporated using emoji faces to indicate their group response motivated our little friends.

Free Parent Workshop

This coming February 8, The Medgar Evers College/Pipeline Program is going to sponsor and host a very special free event for your parents.

The PARENT YOU-NIVERSITY is a  program developed by Dr. Adolph Brown that will help parents guide, motivate, and nurture their children for educational success.

Dr. Brown is an amazing and entertaining speaker and this is a very special offering that you should encourage your community to attend— they will remember this evening!

Please feel free to print and or electronically share the attached flyer—all attendees must register through this Eventbrite link https://mecpipelineparents20817.eventbrite.com

What does integration and collaboration look like?

Thank you to the administration at P.S. 135Q and Mr. Papiewski for your encouragement to have the Character Education Program collaborate with the students who performed at the winter concert. I was lucky enough to collaborate with Mr. Papiewski’s music program.  We talked about how our students are learning to appreciate how music can entertain, inspire, educate and influence.  Looking at all the smiling faces in the audience  gave off a feeling of peace and a sense of community.  I’m looking forward  to inspiring our students to think about ways they can use music to solve problems educate and create a calm peaceful world.

Ms. Duncan’s Classroom: Entrepreneurship and Health

A person is never too young to learn about being a wise consumer and learning how to read labels.

This week students in class 502 learned how to make their very own chap-stick and room spray. We learned about the importance of reading labels and understanding the importance of making your own products with items we already have in our home. We walked away learning that anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream within 26 seconds.