Museum of the City of New York

Fourth grade visited the Museum of the City of New York as an educational extension of their study of Primary Sources and the effects of Early European Explorers on Native Americans.  They compared ‘Past and Present NYC.’


Chancellor’s Assistant Principal Conference

Assistant Principals gather from around NYC to attend the Chancellor’s Assistant Principal Conference on December 7. The topic of the conference is High-Quality Instruction: Supporting ALL Learners” and will include remarks by Chancellor Carmen Fariña and Deputy Chancellor Phil Weinberg in the morning program. This event provides APs with an opportunity to network, share best practices, and celebrate the work being done to further student achievement.

Acts of Kindness


During the month of December Student Council will be working on Festive Dress/Festive Sweater Day, Thursday, December 21st & Pajama Day, Friday, December 22nd. Student Council will be coming around to the classes starting Monday, December 11th to encourage students & teachers to get in the festive mood and explain what they can wear to show off their individuality.

They will also be discussing “Random Acts of Kindness” & explain that there are many acts of kindness that people can do every day.

Thanksgiving Feast!

The Kindergarten students worked with their families to disguise turkeys so they could escape from the Thanksgiving Feast!  Our creative students and their families disguised turkeys as princesses, presents, fairy tale characters, and even Santa Claus!