Chocolate Milk

On November 28, the entire 5th grade came together to present their research based argument essay before a distinguished panel.  Students worked diligently over a two week period to research whether school officials should serve chocolate milk or discontinue serving chocolate milk to students in public schools.


Mr. Papiewski’s Website

children dance 

Welcome to Music with Mr. Papiewski, also known as Mr. P🙂. I took a liberty of creating this website for the sole purpose of keeping track of the things we are currently working on in the classroom and our Chorus rehearsals . You will be able to find required texts and song lyrics for each grade.


Peter Papiewski

Physical Education Students are Thankful!

What is that gobbling  sound coming out of the P.S. 135Q gymnasium?

Mrs. Greenfield, Mr. Nelmes & their physical education students are working on their underhand throwing skills using beanbags to spell the word “THANKS” &  using yarnballs to “Feed the Turkey.” By the way, no turkeys were harmed during these activities!

image-3 image-4